COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS: 3DRunner in-person services has always been intended to provide one-on-one treatment. As such, there will be no other clients at our clinic at the same time. I will be taking proper precautions such as, but not limited to, wearing a mask, using gloves when requested, using hand sanitizer, and scheduling 30 minutes between clients for sanitization. 

I am so grateful for the single view diagnostic with Janet!  The price and time commitment of a full running form analysis had deterred me for many months.  I knew I needed an expert opinion but I just kept Googling and trying to figure it out myself.  When I saw Janet offer the single view option, I jumped at the opportunity.  Janet sent me a written analysis of my form and resources to fix the issues within hours of receiving the video.  She identified issues that I never could have found or improved on my own.  I appreciate her expert opinion and promptness, all for less than the price of takeout!

- Caitlin

Janet is a true problem solver who is willing to go the extra mile with her patients to get them injury free and running more efficiently. She is both a passionate accomplished athlete and doctor who has the empathy to understand how frustrating is it to battle pain and limitations to performance. She has helped me to not only find my weakness but also the root cause behind them. Her approach and exercises strengthens my mind-body connection so I’m able to move better and improve my running form, while realizing it’s always a work in progress. I highly recommend a running analysis from Janet to up your running game and get out of the injury cycle!

- Valerie

I took a (running) class, I ended up getting horrible knee and hip pain, which I never got before. I re-read your assessment of telling me to lean from my ankles and I feel so much better running! So thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

- Azia

So grateful to Janet for helping me address the likely culprits of my issues. I assumed since I've always done such conservative build ups, that mechanics were at the root of my injuries, but had no idea what specifically it could be. If you're suffering from low back pain (especially when not running, like anytime you move) and high hamstring tendonitis check out Janet's Instagram posts and stories.

- Jessica

Thank you thank you thank you for all the information you gave me from my running video. I’ve seen multiple PTs in the past for running related injuries and they never suggested a running analysis and never really explained why I got the injuries in the first place. What you’ve provided from this brief running video has been more helpful than any other knowledge I’ve been given from PTs. I finally have an understanding of the imbalances and injuries I’ve dealt with and why they’re happening. I’m certain this will make a huge impact on my running career! Thank you!


Bargain!! And so refreshing to have answers!!
Janet's single-view run diagnostic service came across my feed at the perfect time. I have been happily gleaning her advice for free for several months, haha, but this was special. Well worth the small fee! We chatted about my concerns and injury; I emailed her a few short video clips of me running (easy, just quick smart phone video); then a few hours later she responded with a typed page filled with analysis and advice, plus a separate IG message pointing me to specific posts for the exercises that would most directly benefit me, and why.
She displayed such a thorough understanding of my running gait and body mechanics, you might have thought we just spent the day together, or gone on a long run together, talking in depth. She could see without me volunteering it that my hips click (kind of amazed me,  I didn't really even know that was common). She discerned that I'd had some small hard-landing event that caused the injury, nothing traumatic but enough to start the chain reaction of pain over time, and she helped me reflect on recent training history.
I am so happy to have reached out to 3-d runner!! She provided concrete, scientific, actionable explanations for how my body is behaving mechanically. (Isn't it fun to understand ourselves better?)
She offered positive but matter of fact encouragement. She dived into the scene, answering questions I didn't even know how to ask. I am happy to follow her instructions, and I hope she is still offering run diagnostics later this year when I'm ready to dive back into marathon prep.

- Marie

Thank you Janet for my amazing running analysis. It really shed some light to a left knee injury that I experienced a couple of weeks ago. Your feed back brought clarity to the injury I experienced. It's amazing how you provided a thorough assessment from a couple of videos.  Thank you for providing me with specific videos to help me correct my form.  Thanks again, for offering this opportunity and making me more aware. I highly recommend  it.

- Christina

The moment I saw @3drunner 's post offering a running form diagnostic, I made a dash for it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I hoped she could explain my shin splints, tight calves and IT bands. In a short while itself, (or one long run duration later), Janet confirmed receipt of the videos and told me she noticed a few 'deviations' in my form. What I didn't expect, was a detailed description explaining how each leg's slight misalignment or weakness when landing was contributing to what I was feeling. Her explanation perfectly summed up all my running-related maladies. And then she was kind enough to send me videos of the exercises to remedy them. And then she got in touch with me on Instagram to offer further support and encouragement, and to let her know the results. I'm thrilled I did this. If you haven't already tried Janet's $20 diagnostic, I strongly suggest you do so. It is a fantastic service at a great price. Oh, did I mention she's a runner as well. 

- Savio