COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS: 3DRunner in-person services has always been intended to provide one-on-one treatment. As such, there will be no other clients at our clinic at the same time. I will be taking proper precautions such as, but not limited to, wearing a mask, using gloves when requested, using hand sanitizer, and scheduling 30 minutes between clients for sanitization. 

 This single view running analysis has video recorded findings, which allows you to see your deviations as the analysis is being made. I record my analysis as your running video is playing, and send it back to you as one video file. 

Click HERE for a sample of the video you will receive. 

*** Make sure there is enough light. 

*** Run in a straight line

*** Send one video from the front OR the back.

      OR a video of 2 run throughs from the side

Dropbox at

Submit payment using PayPal at

You will receive your write up within 48 hours of payment.

What is a Single View Diagnostic? ($25)