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Virtual Run Training

You got your running assessment but still want help with your running form.  A virtual run training allows me to give you LIVE feedback and cues while you run on the treadmill. This will make sure you're running in your most optimal form.

15 minutes session $25

A package of 5 training sessions for $100

Please contact me to schedule your sessions.

What is a running analysis? 

Have you ever wonder what your form looked like while you are running? Do you have nagging injuries that jumps from spot to spot? Are you having trouble improving your times despite running harder? Sounds like you will benefit from a running analysis. A running analysis looks at your form and compares it to what is considered optimal form. It is a tool to help screen and assess for injuries. Joint angles that are different from normal signifies weakness of certain muscles and/or tightness of joints. The weakness and tightness change your running stride leading to injury. Stretches, exercises and running techniques are prescribed to correct those deviations from the information gathered. By bringing you closer to optimal running form, it will decrease injury and improve performance.

Why should you have a running analysis? 

From the elite athlete to the beginning runner, they can benefit from having a running analysis. A running analysis will help the athlete who:
Want to improve performance and bring their running to the next level
Has a history of running injuries
Want to prevent future injuries


This is a concise personalized running analysis will provide information needed to optimize form and reduce injury. You will receive a detailed analysis of the deviations in your running form. This includes a summary of your form and how it contributes to injury and/or the risk for future injury. Included is a comprehensive traditional strengthening program and a tri-planar program. This including strength, balance and improve neuromuscular control.

What you receive?

Personalize running analysis
Recognition of improper movement patterns 
Recommendations on improvement in running strategies 
Individualized program to improve strength and correct movement patterns
***A 30 minute LIVE online discussion on the analysis and to answer any questions. This can be through FaceTime or Skype.

How to make your video (You can use a smart phone or video camera)

1) Recruit a friend, family member or use tri-pod set at chest level to take a picture of your standing posture from the side, front and back. 
2) Then take a 10 second video of you running from the front, back and each side.
3) If you are running in the street or track please record 3 - 10 second videos of each position
4) Finally record your squat and single squat from the front, back and each side 3 times

How to Submit the Video

Due to the length of the video, please send via Dropbox at info@3-drunner.com
or share via Google Drive at yiujanetms@gmail.com. Please include your name and the BEST email to reach you. 

Submit Payment

Once the video is received, we will contact you to answer any additional questions and request payment. Currently I am using PayPal.


Your running analysis will be emailed to you within 3 days of receiving payment. We will be able to schedule a 30 minute FaceTime or Skype session to answer additional questions and exercise demonstration as needed. 

1) Wear form fitting clothes
2) For the rear view have the tripod directly behind you. 
3) For side view, have your assistant ( or place the tripod) in lane where your whole body is visible for several strides as you run pass. DO NOT have the camera follow you. 

If you're on the street, run in the middle (not in traffic please), especially if the road is cambered. The tripod can be placed on the side of the road.