​​​Online ConSULTATION

Do you have a persistent, nagging injury? Are you having a hard time attaining your next goal? I can identify faulty movement patterns and provide clear instructions to progress you to your next goal. Click to learn more about me.

Not local to the San Francisco Bay Area? Unable to go to a physical location. We can still work together in your privacy of your own home. Make sure you have enough space to move. Look at the schedule below for your consultation.

Initial Assessment  60 minutes  $120

You can schedule a 60 minute consultation with Janet. A thorough medical screen, movement analysis and movement re-education will be

performed during your appointment. A recommendation of follow sessions will be made at this timeYour summary and unique plan will be sent via email.

Follow up 60 MINUTES $100

For some one with extensive injury background, you want to allow yourself another 60 minutes to follow up on your progress. This will allow

adequate time to answer questions and perform further movement re-education.

Follow up 30 Minutes $50

A 30 minute follow up appointment will allow a through discussion on progress and continued movement re-education. A continue plan will be

created to help you move towards your fitness goals. Please take a 1hr slot in the calendar and write in the notes, if you want the 1st half or 2nd half of that hr. I will update the calendar accordingly. 


Helping Runners Decrease Injury and improve performance

Look at the calendar below to schedule your PT consultation today!