...can return to running, jumping and exercising without the common pregnant and  postpartum symptoms. Imagine your day without leaking or back pain while running, exercises and just laughing!

"I’m an Arizona resident who visited the Bay Area for three weeks ...A couple of weeks before seeing her I have had ran a half marathon and started to have right hip and knee pain...She took videos of me running and sent me a thorough analysis, stretches and workouts to do ! After a couple of weeks from seeing her and trying to do her plan I ran 11 miles with no pains at all... so thankful that I’ve met her .. I would recommend Janet to anyone seeking running help."

- Fidaa

... will be able to continue their day, without pain, wether it's work or play. 

People I Help

Pregnant And PostPartum 


... can ensure you are properly performing your exercise routine to maximize your gains.

"I am so happy to have reached out to 3-d runner!! She provided concrete, scientific, actionable explanations for how my body is behaving mechanically. She offered positive but matter of fact encouragement. She dived into the scene, answering questions I didn't even know how to ask"

- Marie

" So grateful to Janet for helping me address the likely culprits of my issues. I assumed since I've always done such conservative build ups, that mechanics were at the root of my injuries, but had no idea what specifically it could be."

- Jessica


.... will have the true source of your injury identified. Instead of chasing your pain, you can run free from injury and chase your next PR.



FItness Enthusiast 

COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS: 3DRunner in-person services has always been intended to provide one-on-one treatment. As such, there will be no other clients at our clinic at the same time. I will be taking proper precautions such as, but not limited to, wearing a mask, using gloves when requested, using hand sanitizer, and scheduling 30 minutes between clients for sanitization.