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...can return to running, jumping and exercising without the common pregnant and  postpartum symptoms. Imagine your day without leaking or back pain while running, exercises and just laughing!

... will be able to continue their day, without pain, wether it's work or play. 

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Pregnant And PostPartum 


... can ensure you are properly performing your exercise routine to maximize your gains.

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.... will have the true source of your injury identified. Instead of chasing your pain, you can run free from injury and chase your next PR.


I don't have them! I need to see how YOU move, because you are UNIQUE, and so is your injury. I provide an individualized plan specific to YOUR body, not just a standardized guide that may or may not work for YOU. 

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COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS: 3DRunner in-person services has always been intended to provide one-on-one treatment. As such, there will be no other clients at our clinic at the same time. I will be taking proper precautions such as, but not limited to, wearing a mask, using gloves when requested, using hand sanitizer, and scheduling adequate time to clean equipment between clients.